Top Best Online Coding Platforms — Learn and Code !

Mayank Pathak
2 min readJul 10, 2021


Programming :

Programming brings up a combination of logical-thinking, mathematics, data-structures, algorithms and the main part is the deciding language to code. The code must be written under some restrictions like execution time, memory limit, complexity, space, limit of coding etc.

It adds so much of benefits into the thinking of an individual, helps to sharpen the mind and skillsets, takes you to a next level of logical and analytical skills.

Benefits of Programming :

  • Improve ones algorithmic knowledge.
  • Improve ones data-structures gain and master them to next-level.
  • Brings a lot to your analytical and logical skill-set.
  • Helps to strengthen your resume and CV.
  • Increase the friend circle over the network.
  • Continuous involvement over the forum for discussion and doubt clearance.
  • Helps to identify some of the tech giants like Google, Amazon, Facebook etc.

List of Best Platforms to try as a Programmer👨‍💻

Check the list of platforms by visiting this link👉 Best Platforms

Hope this help you all those who are trying to get a great platform to practice their coding knowledge. One thing that I would try to suggest is to go with any one platform and try to capitalize your work on it and do as many as problem you can. This will help to track your work and performance.



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