Temperature Monitoring using Python

Mayank Pathak
2 min readJul 23, 2021


Hello guys👋, So this post is going to be super excited and useful for those who are trying to find and implement some basic projects to increase and upscale their technical skills and knowledge.

Here is one of the simple projects, which I did during my college project season and it is super useful and easy to implement, with basic knowledge of python and some of the technical tools you can try out this project and can also list it to your Resume or CV, you can also take this project and show to your project’s coordinator during your project season.

What’s the Project About ?

The project is about the Temperature Monitoring where we will monitor the temperature of a closed environment, for example — like a closed room. Since, Environment temperature should be a comfortable one, where the people can work comfortably and can go up to their efficiency and can work comfortably whether it is machinery or manpower. One of important factors that are needed be monitored is the temperature and humidity of the room, because if any one of the two goes mismatching it creates an unpleasing and uncomfortable environment.

Where it can be useful ?

This project has so many uses from a real-time perspective, let me list some of the uses-

  • It can be useful in a room where’s temperature needs to be in between certain range.
  • A factory or industry where people cannot present at all the time and there’s temperature need to be fixed between certain range.
  • While transporting some of the goods where they need to be in certain temperature range with limited power supply.

Hence these are some of the useful parts of the project where it can be implemented with full control over the temperature and best results.

To Read, understand, Code and implement the working of the Project check the full post on The Coding Bro.

Thanks for Reading, Hope many of you get a new python project to implement.



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