Looking to Start Your Blog — Check these Blogging platforms to give out a try

Mayank Pathak
2 min readJul 12, 2021


Best Platforms to Start Your Blogging Career

Hey all 👋 how you doing! Hope everything going in your way.

Many of you would be looking for a place where you can write and share your content and knowledge with several others and to connect with others to build some great amount of community.

So, this post is going to be very useful for those who wants to write their articles, blogs, technical stuff etc through which they want to share their knowledge and content to whole of the needy people out there looking for some true and on-point information to solve their issues or to gain or learn what you can offer them.

Hence, with this post all your queries related to where to write, where to publish, how to reach the community of readers and most importantly the valuable and known platform where to share the knowledge and content related to any niche of your interest.

As I said, we will walk through some of the advanced and great writing platforms which is accessed and used by Millions of people out there like you, to share their knowledge and experience with the others to help them, to get suggestion and feedback and most importantly to learn new things and techniques through all these.

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Hence not taking your much time and making you bored let’s check which are those platforms on which you can write and find great audience to you blog or the article.

✍List of Platforms to write the Blog or Articles

The list of platforms is in decreasing order based on the features they provide you as a writer.

Check the full list of platforms from here Best platforms to Blog

Thanks for reading, hope many start their blog after reading this post.



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