Overview and Basics of Markdown

Guide to Basic Working and Formatting of Markdown

Mayank Pathak
3 min readJul 30, 2021

Hey all👋, Hope you all are good and doing well, so in this post we going to cover the most important part of writing a Blog or the Article and that is Markdown. We are going to see the Basic of Markdown.

Many of you would have heard of this term and may be don’t know how to format an article or the blog using the Markdown. As we have seen that many of the blogging platforms uses the Markdown to format and write the articles, some examples of the known platforms which uses Markdown to format articles are DEV Community, Hashnode, daily.dev (All in one developer news reader) and the most known platform is GitHub which uses the Markdown to format a Readme file.

Many of you have visited among these platforms and viewed or read an article on either of these platforms but never wondered on formatting and writing one which can be read and accessed by a larger community of learners and developers who are in need of new information which you can share with them. If you have never heard about these or want to start now you can read this complete guide to know how to start your Blog with Free Platforms.

Now let’s know What is Markdown📑?

Markdown is one of the most popular mark-up languages with the extension as .md, for example lets a Markdown file be XYZ.md. It was developed and created by John Gruber and Aaron Swartz in 2004. You can create a basic Markdown file using the Markdown elements and save it with the extension .md and use it afterwards wherever you need it.

It is lightweight markup language that you can use to add formatting elements to plain text documents. Markdown is popular because you can use it for everything like — to create Websites, documents, e-mail messages, presentation, books, technical documents and much more.

Most Popular Platforms using Markdown to update the text, documents and information are DEV Community, Hashnode, daily.dev, GitHub etc.

Many of you would be knowing that we can create the Web Pages using the Markdown and it is very easily possible using the GitHub. Yes, I am not joking, you can really make the Readme files with the Markdown and make it live using the GitHub pages and their free domain.

We can use Markdown everywhere it’s fast and easy to take notes, create contents for website, from email messages to create content on the web pages, we can do it using Markdown. It is very much portable and once one start to use it I am sure that everyone going to love it, this is because of its simplicity and easy to use syntax and the elements.

To know the complete working of the Markdown check this complete guide on the Basic and overview of Markdown.

Thankyou for Reading, Hope you got to khnow about Markdown.



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